Brief Background

The Barbados Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) was established in 1947 as the governing body of tennis in the island. It was incorporated in 1977 and ultimately rebranded in August 2006 as the Barbados Tennis Association Inc (BTA) with a new logo and website. The website was revamped and redesigned in September 2019.

The BTA oversees the development of all aspects of the tennis. It is  determined to welcome more people into the sport, keep interest in the game alive and to help all up and coming tennis players maximize their full potential and successfully make their mark on the global stage of tennis. Click here for more on its functions.

The BTA offers the Schools’ Tennis Initiative Development Programme in local primary schools, as well as programmes at the “Home of Tennis”, the National Tennis Centre in Wildey, St. Michael.

The BTA is aware that a massive financial investment must be made to raise the standard of the game and to enable it to fulfill its mandate. As a non-profit, limited liability company with an Executive Council consisting exclusively of volunteers, the BTA is dependent on the Government of Barbados, the Barbados Olympic Association, the International Tennis Federation, the BTA membership and Corporate Barbados for financial assistance, to assist with projects and programmes.

Fundamentally, the BTA is responsible for the continued development of the sport of tennis in Barbados and needs more help.

Tennis is a great game; it’s fun, promotes fitness, enhances strategic thinking and provides a wonderful opportunity for scholarships to tertiary educations outside of Barbados.

Believe and support the dream for Tennis in Barbados. Contact the BTA to learn more.