“Rebuild, Repair, Refresh, Renovate, Revitalise and Redefine!”

The Mission
“To develop and promote tennis in Barbados”

The Motto
“Tennis, the sport for a lifetime for all”

The Functions

  • Liaises with stakeholders
  • Manages and governs tennis in Barbados
  • Serves as the international representative for Barbados for tennis
  • Manages NTC facilities and activities
  • Coordinates BTA player selections
  • Creates and manages tennis events

The Objectives

  • To promote the positive growth and development of tennis in Barbados at all levels.
  • To facilitate the development of young players to world ranking.
  • To strengthen the Association’s membership and to promote its active involvement in programs and activities.
  • To enhance the image of the Association.
  • To be financially sustainable.
  • To participate actively in the international tennis and wider sporting communities.