Objectives & Strategies

  1. To promote the positive growth and development of tennis in Barbados at all levels
    1. Increase knowledge of and exposure to the sport of tennis, at a reduced cost.
    2. Educate parents about the benefits and opportunities offered by involvement in the sport to assist in their ability to better contribute to the management of their children in the sport.
    3. Increase awareness of available infrastructure in Barbados
    4. Improve the use of the School Adoption Programme
    5. Improve the Junior Tennis Initiative (JTI) programme
    6. Develop a solid programme to support adult tennis.
  2. To facilitate the development of young players to world ranking
    1. Expand facilities
    2. Develop technical and physical strength of players
    3. Increase the percentage of girls who continue playing tennis in Barbados
    4. Encourage the continued advancement of the technical development of all coaches.
    5. Strengthen partnerships with all coaches who can assist in the identification of scholarship opportunities for our young players.
    6. Increase awareness and access to reputable tennis academies both regionally and internationally.
  3. To strengthen the Association’s membership and to promote its active involvement in programmes and activities.
    1. Increase efficiency of membership administration
    2. Increase efficiency of Association administration.
    3. Re-establish the family culture of the National Tennis Centre.
  4. To enhance the image of the Association.
    1. Improve transparency, communication and overall governance.
  5. To be financially sustainable.
    1. Improve the planning efficiency of the Association to allow for better preparation by the various committees.
    2. Strengthen the sponsorship relationship by seeking to better understand the needs of the sponsor and to provide a report on juniors benefitting for the same.
    3. Grow the membership
    4. Improve the monitoring / management of and reporting by outsourced arrangements
  6. To participate actively in the international tennis and wider sporting communities.
    1. Create opportunities for participation in local, regional and international competitions.