2014 Republic Bank Inter Club Competition

UPDATE MAY 12, 2014 – the new 2014 REPUBLIC BANK Inter Club champions are Tennis Centre who beat winners for the past 5 years Summerhayes in a closely contested final – 46-33 on Saturday afternoon.

See report in today’s Nation Newspaper by Justin Marville – Tennis Centre dethrone Summerhayes

Full and final results can be found at the following link –
2014 Inter Club results

UPDATE MAY 5, 2014
REPUBLIC BANK Inter Club competition final will be played at the National Tennis Centre on Saturday May 10, 2014 between holders Summerhayes and the Tennis Centre from 2.15pm.

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The final round of the preliminary competition resumed on 26 April following a 3-week break for Davis Cup, Junior ITF tennis and Easter, resulting in the final four clubs being identified. The top four clubs in order of standing are: Ocean View, Tennis Centre, Barbados Yacht Club and Summerhayes. These four teams all enjoyed victories in the final round as follows:

Ocean View earned a hard fought victory over UWI 49 games to 40, as Ocean View won the women’s singles, one each of the men’s and women’s doubles and the mixed doubles and UWI the men’s singles, the other men’s and women’s doubles in an entertaining match up.

Summerhayes dominated Windward 50 games to 29, with Summerhayes winning all doubles matches and Windward prevailing in the men’s and women’s singles.

Tennis Centre defeated Paragon 41 games to 34 in another close encounter which influenced the semifinals lineup. The Tennis Centre won both women’s doubles, the mixed doubles and the women’s singles while Paragon prevailed in the men’s singles and doubles events.

The Barbados Yacht Club also inflicted a heavy defeat on the St James Racquet Club 57 games to 9 including walkover victories in the womens’ doubles and victories in all other events.

The final standings after 7 preliminary rounds are as follows:

Position Club Games Won Rounds Won/Lost
1 Ocean View 339 6/1
2 Tennis Centre 324 6/1
3 Barbados Yacht Club 320 4/2/1
4 Summerhayes 319 4/3
5 Paragon 298 3/3/1
6 UWI 292 3/4
7 Windward 231 1/6
8 St James Racquet Club 107 0/7

The semifinal round will be hosted by Ocean View and Tennis Centre with a draw to determine which of these hosts the Barbados Yacht Club and Summerhayes on 3rd May.
The finals will be held on 10th May at the National Tennis Centre.

The penultimate preliminary round number 6 of the Republic Bank Inter Club Tennis competition saw the competition for the final four slots being even more interesting with the top two teams apparently well set and four other remaining in the hunt, with Summerhayes making the greatest advance of those four.

The results are summarized as follows:

• Summerhayes dominated UWI 55 games to 31, with UWI winning close matches in the women’s singles and one of the men’s doubles but Summerhayes winning the men’s singles, the other men’s doubles as well as both women’s doubles and the mixed doubles.

• Paragon and the Barbados Yacht Club tied 41 games each in the most even of matches where Paragon were stronger in the men’s matches winning the singles and both doubles as well as one of the women’s doubles and BYC taking the women’s singles, the other women’s doubles and the mixed doubles.

• Ocean View overwhelmed the St James Racquet Club 56 games to 10, as St James Racquet Club continues to struggle in the competition including giving up a few walkovers but taking comfort from a close victory in one of the men’s doubles.

• Tennis Centre defeated Windward 50 games to 34, with the Tennis Centre winning all matches except one of the women’s doubles.

The standings after Round 6 are as follows:

Position Club Games Won Rounds Won/Lost
1 Ocean View 290 5/1
2 Tennis Centre 283 5/1
3 Summerhayes 269 3/3
4 Paragon 264 3/2/1
5 Barbados Yacht Club 263 3/2/1
6 UWI 252 3/3
7 Windward 202 1/5
8 St James Racquet Club 98 0/6

There is now a three week break in the competition during the Davis Cup and Junior ITF tournaments as well as over the Easter weekend.

Full schedule can be found at following link:
2014 Inter Club Schedule