BNB Inter Club Finals 2011

Defending champions Summerhayes Tennis Club narrowly defeated the National Tennis Centre team to win the 2011 BNB Inter Club tennis championship by 39 points 36.

With the final played at the National Tennis Centre on May 7, each team had won 2 matches coming into the decider.

Summerhayes duly took the final mixed doubles in a very close encounter to retain their title with Kim Brandford and Prashant Nebhani beating Richard Cole and Richele LeSaldo 9-7.

The 2011 BNB Inter Club competition saw 8 Clubs with over 80 participants competing on Saturday afternoons in a round robin format where each team played all other teams either at home or away.

Paragon Club and the UWI team joined Summerhayes and the Tennis Centre in the semi finals while the Barbados Yacht Club, Ocean View Club, Holder’s Hill and Windward Cricket Club played off for the remaining places.

Following the prize giving held at the club house at the National Tennis Centre, players and supporters enjoyed refreshments together with music supplied by DJ George Grant.

Photos of the finals and prize presentation can be found at Photo Gallery.