ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference 2019

Coach Damien Applewhaite and Coach Andrew Thornton attended the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference this year. It was held in Bangkok, Thailand during the 25 – 27 October 2019.

Coach Thornton, our JTI Coordinator, also attended a special 1-day JTI meeting held on the 24th for JTI coordinators all over the world. Coach Applewhaite will also attend a 1-day tutors’ course update being conducted for those who conduct coaches courses and act as tutors.

The ITF hosts a coaches conference every year. The Worldwide edition, held every other year, was last held in 2017 in Bulgaria. Last year’s coaches conference, the Regional edition, was held in Trinidad. These conferences are very beneficial, keeping coaches abreast of the new happenings , methodologies and coaching techniques. They are also a great opportunity for coaches to network and interact with other like-minded coaches from across the world.

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