Powerade Barbados U12 and COTECC U14 tournaments : April 15 – 20, 2023

Dear Juniors, Parents & Coaches

Barbados will again be hosting a COTECC U14 and a SR4 U12, its 2023 Powerade Junior International tournament, over the period April 15th – 20th 2023. This series is in conjunction with Trinidad who will host similar tournaments over the period April 8th – 13th 2023.

The following table shares the related fact sheets.

Parents of players from Barbados are asked to submit their entry request (must copy to Marie-Jeanne Symmonds at mjsymmonds@gmail.com – Chair of Juniors), providing their names, date of birth and indicating which tournaments you wish to be registered for.  You may also submit your U14 entries directly to coteccjuniorU14@hotmail.com but please copy mjsymmonds@gmail.com

This SR4 U12’s will be held in the same week as our COTECC U14, and so we encourage all U12 players who meet the age eligibility to participate in the COTECC U14, to opt to participate in the U14 event. 

Additionally, please note that the U12 eligibility is all players born between 2011 & 2013 which differs from the ITF\COTECC Junior regulations which state that you must be 10 years old on the Monday of the tournament to play U12’s.

Please share and we look forward to your support!

Barbados Tennis Association